Medicare Donut Hole

In researching how changes in the current health care law affect seniors, I have found some info about the Medicare “donut hole”–referring to Medicare’s drug coverage gap that some people fall into.

It appears that if the current Affordable Healthcare Law stands, the so-called Donut Hole is to be gradually phased out, disappearing entirely after 2020. [Reference website: Healthcare Law Features Drug Discounts]

Starting from last year, discounts are available to you for covered brand-name and generic drugs. Also, the total cost of the drugs will still apply towards your catastrophic care coverage.

Refer to your EOB (explanation of benefits) from Medicare to make sure you are receiving the discount. The discounts on covered drugs while in the “donut hole” will increase every year until 2020, after which there should be no more coverage gap.

Seems like good news for seniors, but I want to know your personal experiences:  Have you been enjoying the discounts? Having trouble understanding your EOB? Please comment below.

Thank you!


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