Transportation Needs

I’ve been reading about a transportation service available in Orlando, serving seniors over 65 or any adult with visual impairment. The rates are affordable and rides are available 24 hours a day!

Click the link here for more info about the service, called ITN —–>

Basically, you sign up for the service, pay a yearly membership fee, and fund your account for the number of rides you think you will want. Average rates are $9 per ride, according to the organization’s website. The service offers help out of your home, and into a private car, and then into the place where you want to go (unlike taxi service which may not offer extra help with walkers, wheelchairs, or getting into and out of shops, doctor’s offices, etc.).

Please call me if you need help applying for the service. I can help you out over the phone or via email for free. Use the Contact page on this website to phone or to send me a message.

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