About Me

What’s this website about? This website started out as a blog to share info and resources about the elderly and caregivers. I kept the funny name when opening my home care business (see below). The site still includes some posts regarding help for elder care, but is transitioning to information about technology and web services.

Why the name “Punk’s Post”? The name of the site was suggested by my sister, when it started as just a blog, and includes a shortened version of my childhood nickname (Punkin’). Blog posts from Punkin!

WHO is Punk’s Post? My name is Patricia and I have over ten years experience working with PCs, computer peripherals, and mobile devices.

What do you do? I am able to give individual instruction on computing in your home, build an online brochure for business in order for you to have a web presence, or help you build a website for most anything (some exceptions apply). See the “Services and Rates” page for more info.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your visit here.

– Patricia

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