Prevent Programs from Starting (Windows 10)

Quick directions: For Windows 10, here’s how you can change application startup behavior: Hit the Windows key on your keyboard to open the Start menu. Then click or tap the little cog wheel to access your settings.   Once in settings, open “Apps”, then look for the Startup option in the menu along the left.Continue reading “Prevent Programs from Starting (Windows 10)”

Chrome settings show “Managed by your organization”. But there’s no organization!?

After reading some articles about a Chrome update, I looked into my Chrome browser settings to check which version I was using. When I did, an unfamiliar message caught my eye: An employer can manage software on a computer that you may use for work, applying restrictions and monitoring usage. Since I was on my personalContinue reading “Chrome settings show “Managed by your organization”. But there’s no organization!?”

Update your WhatsApp Messenger app!

If, like me, you have the auto-update feature turned off on your mobile device, and you use WhatsApp for text messenging, you may have a version vulnerable to malware. A bug affecting WhatsApp has been identified for older versions. You can read about the bug here: ZDNet article about WhatsApp spyware This bug affects both AndroidContinue reading “Update your WhatsApp Messenger app!”