Medicare Donut Hole rebate and Plan Changes

If you’ve fallen into the so-called “Medicare Donut Hole”, you should have received a $250 rebate check by now. If you haven’t, call the number associated with your Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Part D plan. As a last resort, you may also phone 1-800-Medicare. Also, you should be getting a 50% discount on yourContinue reading “Medicare Donut Hole rebate and Plan Changes”

Medicare Donut Hole

In researching how changes in the current health care law affect seniors, I have found some info about the Medicare “donut hole”–referring to Medicare’s drug coverage gap that some people fall into. It appears that if the current Affordable Healthcare Law stands, the so-called Donut Hole is to be gradually phased out, disappearing entirely afterContinue reading “Medicare Donut Hole”

Elder Care and Housing Services

Seems like business are more eager to market to senior citizens, but it’s getting difficult to find affordable services. Assisted Living or CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Communities) can start at $2000/month, and while some housekeeping and some meals are usually included, other home help is an extra charge on top of that. I have noticed today that the Orlando HousingContinue reading “Elder Care and Housing Services”

Mobile Phone Service for Low-Income Seniors

Following up on my previous post regarding cellphone service, I’ve found that Virgin Mobile (in conjunction with Sprint) offers mobile phone service to low-income seniors. If you qualify, you can get a phone and service for free. In the literature that I received in the mail, the income qualification guidelines included a max income of $16,755 for aContinue reading “Mobile Phone Service for Low-Income Seniors”

Mobile Phone Service for Seniors

Phone service providers are (thankfully!) waking up to the fact that senior citizens want SIMPLE mobile phones! I have found a couple of services that offer phones that cater to seniors’ needs: After paying over $100/month for mobile phone service from AT&T for myself, my husband, and my father, I decided to look elsewhere. My husbandContinue reading “Mobile Phone Service for Seniors”


Help Affording Pet Care Just found this article from the Humane Society that provides resources to seniors needing help affording pet care. What advice do you have for someone seeking pet care? Do you have a recommendation for a great Orlando area veterinarian?