“Agnes” on Aging

There is a body suit, nicknamed “Agnes”, designed to replicate the struggles of the aging body. Clicking on the link below should open a video showing a BBC reporter using the suit: http://www.bbc.com/specialfeatures/horizonsbusiness/episode/ageing-populations/?autoplay=true&vid=p018622y&tab=1 Please watch, and if you see someone older having trouble while out shopping, offer help if you can. At the very least,Continue reading ““Agnes” on Aging”

Home Cleaning and Errands for Orlando Seniors

Now looking to fill the 8am to 11am time slot! Schedule is almost full, so if you are needing home cleaning and errands help, please contact me today. Currently, I can fill any service needs on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Fridays anytime from 8:00am until 11:00am. You can reserve service for as little as two hours.Continue reading “Home Cleaning and Errands for Orlando Seniors”