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A Mighty Fortress

Author: Martin LutherDate: 5555 Lyricsj lakjdlkjf ‘lajsdlkfj ;lakjsd f;lkjas;dlkjf ;alksdj f;lkajsd ;lfkj;lksd jf;lk ja;lkjd f;lakj;lkj lkja;ldkjg a;lkdsjg;l aj;dlkjt ;alkej g;lkaje;lkan;ldkf ;alksjdf ;lkajsd;lkfj;alksjdlfa

1 John title of Sermon

alkjdk dlj zfadsgfd Scripture Reading: Psalm 19 Sermon Outline: Assurance is the key and obedienceParagrapg notes and filling in _+————————— fill in with notielina;lkdlkjalkjd’lfkja lksdjflkjasdf verses: alkjdlkfj a;lkds f ______________________ verses: a;lkjd;lkfjalkdjflkja lkajlkdjfl af___________ Items/verses mentioned for further study: john 3:16 Mark 7 lkajd dlkjf My notes/reflections: Book by Jc Ryle

BSF lesson 13

Matt 13: 1-30 questions to discuss personal notes I have a heading and two paragraph blocks here. I choose “group” and add blocks under it. heading Another paragraph in bold and italics. The benefit of grouping is being able to style blocks all at one time, if they are grouped.

Subject of book

Subject of book we are studying, questions, questions I have, notes. Setting to full width then … …back to wide width doesn’t return columns… …to the same original layout. hey hey again hey hey again hey hey again So, apparently the default isn’t “wide width”. Wide-width and “Full-width” are two selections to make after the…