Integrated Camera app

[Update: Please note that rolling back to older drivers can introduce security risks to your system! There’s a reason why software is updated–often it is because security issues are found. Please keep that in mind when making system changes.]

I discovered the camera on my Lenovo laptop wasn’t working. It’s the integrated camera app that comes with Windows 10. I made sure I hadn’t disabled it, attempted to update the driver, then, after receiving a message that the driver was already the most up-to-date, I rolled back to a previous driver. That got it working.

If you find your integrated camera isn’t working on your Windows 10 laptop, these steps may help you.

We’ll be looking to see if  1) the app has been disabled, 2) the driver needs updating, and 3) if those checks don’t work, then we’ll try rolling back the driver.

Open the Device Manager:

Hit the Windows Key and type in “Device Manager” to open the device manager app.

device manager app in search results

In Device Manager, look for “Imaging Devices”. Hit the carat next to that to reveal the “Integrated Camera”.

integrated camera in device manager

Right-click on “integrated camera” and choose “update driver”. Alternatively, double-click on “integrated camera”, click the “driver” tab, then click the “update driver”. See if that gets your camera working.

If not, go back to the driver tab, this time choosing “rollback driver”. Answer the questions about why you are rolling back. When complete, try the camera again.

If none of these steps works, open the camera again and choose “Send Feedback” to file a bug report.

send feedback link bottom left of camera app window