Transportation Needs

I’ve been reading about a transportation service available in Orlando, serving seniors over 65 or any adult with visual impairment. The rates are affordable and rides are available 24 hours a day!

Click the link here for more info about the service, called ITN —–>

Basically, you sign up for the service, pay a yearly membership fee, and fund your account for the number of rides you think you will want. Average rates are $9 per ride, according to the organization’s website. The service offers help out of your home, and into a private car, and then into the place where you want to go (unlike taxi service which may not offer extra help with walkers, wheelchairs, or getting into and out of shops, doctor’s offices, etc.).

Please call me if you need help applying for the service. I can help you out over the phone or via email for free. Use the Contact page on this website to phone or to send me a message.

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Medical Equipment

Interesting video from the local news about medical equipment insurance coverage and a service that offers free equipment. Click the link below for more info:

Local 6 News coverage regarding medical equipment

Sometimes, Smaller is Better


Example of a symbol found on food-safe containers.

One of my clients has taught me a good lesson on providing the right products to seniors. The idea is to “think small”.

If you are a caregiver, chances are you may be shopping for an older loved one. Be sure to focus on the weight and size of the products you buy for them. For example, a gallon of milk and the largest sized dish detergent may be hard for your loved one to handle. Buy the smallest size available.

If you find that smaller sizes are more expensive, you can either combine coupons with sales, or, as my client suggested, simply buy a few smaller sizes to keep on hand, then dispense the larger size products into them.

For example, I have purchased a few of the smaller, pint-sized milks for my Dad. After the milk is consumed, I carefully wash and dry the bottles and dispense milk from the gallon jug into them. This smaller size is much easier for him to handle and enables him to make a bowl of cereal or have a drink of milk when I’m away, without worrying about overexerting himself.

No need to abandon your favorite warehouse shopping store, just keep a few smaller containers on hand. The containers don’t necessarily have to be for the product you want to use, but make sure that the container is suitable for food/beverage before using. (Some containers can easily hold food and drink but are not safe for storing edible products.  Food/beverage-safe products usually have a small fork and glass symbol on them, as shown above).

“Agnes” on Aging

There is a body suit, nicknamed “Agnes”, designed to replicate the struggles of the aging body. Clicking on the link below should open a video showing a BBC reporter using the suit:

Please watch, and if you see someone older having trouble while out shopping, offer help if you can. At the very least, be understanding and patient! If any of us live long enough, we will be in that position one day.

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Respecting Another’s Grief

Found this poignant, touching blog and thought I’d share it with my readers.

Memory Bears by Bonnie

When we lose a loved one’s presence in this life, the grieving process begins. Each one’s experience is unique and personal. Each one’s grief is theirs alone.

We can understand to a point, what losing someone is like because we have been there. We can relate to the feelings that grief brings. We can express our sorrow for their loss. We can be there for them. We can pray.

What we can’t do is experience the depth of someone’s grief because that is based on a personal relationship and love. Each one’s grief is unique as each one’s grief is personal. Each one’s grief is theirs alone. We do best to respect another’s grief as we would have them respect ours.

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How Much is it Worth to You?

I am considering putting an ad for my services in the newspaper, asking folks to tell me what they want to pay for my services, rather than me setting the prices. Since I have to earn money, I may not be able to accept all offers, but I am wondering:

How much is good, timely, honest, caring help worth to you?

Let me know what price you think is fair for home cleaning and errands for you or your loved one!

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Allergy or Cold? Or something else?

The symptoms of seasonal allergic reactions to airborne particle can sometimes mimic that of a cold. Below is a link to an information brochure that Walgreens has made available online, to give you more information about seasonal allergies.

In determining whether you have a cold or allergy, the gist of the matter is that if you have aches and pains, you may have a cold. Aches and pains aren’t common airborne allergy symptoms. However, the brochure also notes that a fever is NOT common for either ailment. If you have a fever, you may have the flu or other infection and should make an appointment with your doctor or, if you can’t be seen that day, go to one of the clinics located inside Walgreens or CVS stores.


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