control panel

Quick directions:

For Windows 10, here’s how you can change application startup behavior:

  • Hit the Windows key on your keyboard to open the Start menu.


  • Then click or tap the little cog wheel to access your settings.



  • Once in settings, open “Apps”, then look for the Startup option in the menu along the left.


  • There you’ll find a list with a little toggle button to turn the startup behavior on or off.

A few programs that I’d prevented from starting after logon reappeared after upgrading to Windows 10. That may be happening for some of you, too, but you may have been unfamiliar with where to go to make changes in Windows 10.

There is a helpful article from HowToGeek (Link to How To Geek article) about preventing Microsoft Teams from starting automatically. I have an Office 365 subscription through my school, and all my Windows devices had begun annoying me with a popup to sign in to Teams (which I don’t use).

I share the article here because it has useful info about preventing programs in general from starting after you first log on to Windows. Many of you may just be upgrading to Windows 10 as support for Windows 7 drops off after this month. Some of the layout and settings may be confusing. That article shows you a quick way to access your Windows Settings.

If you’re unfamiliar with Windows 10, you also may find yourself confused when looking for the Control Panel. Most every setting can be found by typing in the search area with Windows 10. Hit the Windows key on your keyboard to bring up the start menu, then click the magnifying glass and enter your search term. Start typing Control Panel and you’ll find a match appear for the “Control Panel app”.