If you have an iPad Pro, especially the larger screen models, you may it useful to employ the split screen feature whereby you can work in two apps at once. It’s especially useful to have a video playing (in YouTube for example) but have a browser window open for internet searches.

For my iPad Pro 2015 model, I enable this feature by first swiping up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the app dock.

Next, choose an app in the dock and drag it up. In the example below, I chose to open Chrome browser with the Blue Letter Bible website open in order to view it along side my app for editing this blog:

If you tap the small line at the top of the browser window (or whatever app window you’ve chosen) then you can resize that window:

You’ll see a line between the windows that you can drag to the left or right to resize each window:

Hope you found this picture tutorial helpful. What are your favorite iPad Pro features?