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*Punks Post Home Care is no longer open for business*

I’ve kept this site to use as part of my web development portfolio. If you are looking for quality help for yourself or for an elderly loved one, please seek help in your local Christian church or send me a message by clicking here and I’ll help you find someone in your area.


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Home Cleaning for All

I am opening up my home cleaning services to all adults in the East Orlando and nearby surrounding areas! My heart is still with serving senior citizens, but I am already serving folks who probably wouldn’t be considered a “senior citizen”.

I can offer regular, dependable home cleaning, either weekly, biweekly, or monthly and do not charge extra for the first clean. If you are wanting regular service, then there is no need to charge extra for the first clean, even if your home has not been cleaned for a while.

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A Gift Everyone Should Hear

I loved watching this on my local news!!! Such a nice story, especially after the farce with the bogus signer at the Mandela memorial.

Grandma Says..

Little Claire is a KODA, which is an acronym for Kids Of Deaf Adults.  She wanted her parents to share in the fun of her school Christmas Recital so she signed as she sang. This little angel is only five years old, but has managed to capture the world’s heart!  I can’t watch this without thinking that with all the negative news reports, Claire has saved the Christmas Holidays by providing a gift that everyone should see and hear!

Signing is easy to learn, as Claire demonstrates by being adept at the skill at the tender age of five, but the special facial expressions that she adds are precious and priceless!  Enjoy!



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No matter the time of day, traffic is definitely getting heavier in central Florida. This is true of the local side streets, as well as the multi-lane toll roads. And, don’t even get me started on I-4!

As difficult as it may be to navigate traffic, imagine what it’s like for a senior with mobility and vision problems, along with slower reflexes. I hear people complain about senior drivers, but I wonder how many of those complainers are willing to be part of the solution to safer travel on our roadways?

Many senior citizens refuse to give up their keys due to lack of regular, dependable help with transportation. Doctors don’t do house calls. Grocery needs continue for all our lives. Is there a senior in your life who needs help with transportation and who shouldn’t be driving? Lend a hand if you can! One day, you may be in the position of having to give up the keys yourself.

When offering to drive an elderly friend or family member, try to accommodate his or her preferences. I deal with many seniors who DO have family that will help with transportation needs, but they don’t make themselves available when wanted. I see many seniors who continue to drive because although family helps out sometimes, they only do so on their own terms.

Helping others can mean a sacrifice of our own personal free time. I understand that it’s not easy. I greatly value my free time and love to relax without demands on my time just as much as anyone else. But, I can’t help thinking of the fact that one day I might need help getting around and I’m reminded of the command, “And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them” (Luke 6:31 ESV)

It’s hard getting older and navigating traffic can be hard at any age. This Christmas season, lend a (driving!) hand to an elderly family member, church member, or neighbor, and, as the Lord allows, offer regular help to that dear one.

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Support Local Business

Need home cleaning? On a budget? Call me today at 407-615-2208 and let me know what you want cleaned and we can form a cleaning schedule just for you.

When you use my services, you are supporting a local Orlando resident who lives and shops here! I am not part of any franchise chain so I can offer more flexibility than other home care/home cleaning services.  Shop small/shop local this holiday season! Thanks for visiting!

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Patricia 🙂

Take No Day for Granted


I agree with Bonnie’s post here. Reminds me of James 4:14.

Memory Bears by Bonnie


Husbands go off to work…children go off to school…wives go about their daily routine…everyone, everyday, is moving in a defined path.

Life is fragile and can be taken at any time, with or without notice. “See you tonight,” may never happen…plans for tomorrow may never come to pass.

On any given day…make it shine. Take no day for granted.


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